The Mouth of God is in the Mind of Man.

We do not possess imagination enough
to sense what we are missing.
                              — Jean Toomer

The Absolute is the only reality and is the one God—infinite in how It must forever extend itself, timelessly; for that is its will and desire.  Expression of itself and creation are the same and this is its power and also its purpose.  And the Mouth of God is in the mind of Man.  God became man so that we could become God.  We can know God through ourselves and more specifically through the power of the human imagination.  That’s God.  The desire to redeem our minds is to align our will and desire with His and is a hunger for the word of God.  All that Man can do is dream.  Reality is God’s dream.  But it can also be your dream.  And when you feed into the mind only what are loving and noble thoughts this is matching our ‘inner speak’ to our fulfilled desires.  This is when magic seems to happen.  This is The Secret, the Holy Grail.  This is the difference between life and death and it is your birthright to realize how to create life out of a dream.  Life is in the extension of the experience of self—eternal presence—and is the practice of waking up to a new paradigm called reality:  a state of total non-duality and of pure love; truly the experience of self dwells within God:  the Birth from Above.

Anyone familiar with the teachings of Neville Goddard (1905-1972) have heard such ideas expressed before.  For anyone who hasn’t, they are worth serious contemplation.

Buried in the skull and covered over with a garment of flesh is Jesus Christ.  The cross is ours and is generated by a misuse of power.  While it is true that Jesus never has to bear the cross alone it is so only because the cross is something that we have made; the cross is symbolic of a choice and we fail continuously to redeem Jesus Christ with every thought we have.  The Mind is Jesus Christ and of it exists the power to redeem what is real and it is this alone that leads to salvation.  Christ’s tomb is the misuse of the power of the mind and of the human imagination. God is in you and the human imagination is God’s power.  The Resurrection of Christ is actually your resurrection from your own slumbering.  Awake as a child from the nightmare that Ego has created within you and that has been projected out of your mind as the world.  Instead of basing your creations on thoughts delivered to you by what Ego has made choose instead to see the Absolute in everything.  Know thyself further not as a child of God but as a child that is God.  Be of Him as His Son is of Him remembering that it is Ego alone that desires individuality.  Realize that the power of the human imagination is God and must dwell from within you.  How could you be not in God? Or He not in you?  Be only what can be real:  an extension of pure love.  And so a loving and noble mental conversation will echo your experience of conscious reality;—let Mind & Speech be your guide.

The energy of our thoughts and words never dissolve into a past (power can never be wasted but it can be misused).  What we see outside is a confrontation born out of necessity.  It is a projection of a mental landscape.  A better world is one that shares in our experience of the present and must reflect such a state.   This is the timelessness of infinite expansion.  Then it is possible to see the world for what it has always been.  A portrait that mirrors what has been created perfect.  Mind is the pure and formless ground of being from which creation and manifestation arise and cannot be explained or comprehended in terms of any manifest reality;—everything perceived follows the imagination.  The world is a reflection of an inner conversation.  Make your inner talkings be the voice of God, instead.  Let thy Kingdom come.

Stephen J. Rivele speaks about music…

“Vibrations on the air are the breath of God speaking to man’s soul. Music is the language of God.  We musicians are as close to God as man can be. We hear his voice, we read his lips, we give birth to the children of God, who sing his praise. That’s what musicians are.”

We must all find the silence in ourselves so that we can hear the music of God. When that silence envelopes you then your soul can sing.

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