The only foundation upon which world peace could be built…

No other knowledge or experience is absolute and it is for this reason knowledge of I AM must be the foundation of peace; not only in ourselves, not only in our intimate relationships and friendships, not only in our families and communities but must be the foundation upon which world peace, if there could even be a thing, would be founded.  It is the only knowledge about which everyone must agree and therefore must be the source of peace and harmony within individuals, between individuals and between communities and nations.Rupert Spira



ko·an    /ˈkōän/
an anecdote or riddle used in Zen Buddhism to demonstrate the inadequacy of logical reasoning and to provoke enlightenment.

A holy man who had obtained enlightenment had thought of a question, a sort of riddle, to act as a quick test for others when he sought to look to their mind for any indication of enlightenment or self realization.

The question is as follows:  “Would you rather win a sum exceeding several thousand dollars in a lottery or succumb to a bedbug infestation where you are bitten 27 times in a single night?”

For the holy man who is enlightened there is only one answer.  Even if the person asked hesitated for a single instant in giving a reply the test would not have been passed.  The answer, very clearly, is as follows…

“Only an insane person could think there is a difference.”

Salvation is a Ladder.

Updated May 19, 2019

Separation leads you down the ladder. Salvation leads you back up. You must change your mind about the purpose of the world, if you would find escape choosing freedom in each moment instead of chains and iron doors. The body is released because the mind acknowledges “this is not done to me, but I am doing this.” And thus the mind is free to make another choice. Beginning here, salvation will proceed to change the course of every step in the descent to separation, until all the steps have been retraced, the ladder gone, and all the dreaming of the world undone.


The eye can never understand what it sees because it has been pointed in the wrong direction having its powers of Vision transmuted into a form used by ego to manifest an illusory reality—thus we become actors inside a dream called the ‘universe.’  The eye, like the body and anything that appears to be outside of the mind, is a symbol of separation.  Paradoxically, ego’s interpretation of light makes existing things appear just as the mind makes things appear in your dreams at night.  The purpose of dreams is to keep Truth hidden.  Only in a dream can God be forgotten; only in a dream can we forget ourselves.  Only in a dream can ego live out its fantasy of having dominion over all the slumbering children of God.

The Kingdom of Heaven is a body in perfect Spirit, alive and well in Nature.  The world that ego made would have us imagine material bodies for ourselves, instead.  This is ego’s proudest achievement and the most powerful symbol of separation in the universe.  Flesh, as a garment to be worn around our Core Selves cements the concept of duality within our perception.   Heaven and culture (or Reality and ego) represents a splitting of the Mind of Man (or Son of God).  It was ego that then created language and culture.  Language replaces Reality with a delusion because it is a scheme for maintaining boundaries—it is the purpose of culture to separate us from Nature and the immediacy of felt experience.  We are cut off from the natural mind and have since entered into a dream that excludes nature (and God).  Language is a strategy for binding time.  Imagine Nature as a hyper-dimensional mind which is not constrained in space and time.  Ego is a parasite feeding off of the imagination.  The Imagination of Man is the Power of God.

We have come to know ourselves as ego instead of creations of God.  We are diminished things bound in space and time.  Salvation comes to those who wake to the truth:  what is all-encompassing—God—can have no opposite.  How far have we fallen from Eternity’s embrace?  Do we now share ego’s fear of God and of our true Home?  Is our returning Home our death or the death of ego?

Would you hold as true the ego’s interpretation of things which serve the purpose of keeping God away?  God is in you and is you because no separation exists between what is real—and it is all Love.  In you is perfect peace, too, because all of the Knowledge of God binds all together for eternity.  Do you not possess Knowledge?  Is God really not with you, even now?  What is the purpose of love if not to dispel separation?  Does not all of our suffering stem from our feeling apart from everything else and to the degree to which we feel alone and apart our suffering gains in magnitude?  If God exists and if the reality is that we can never be apart from God would it not follow logically that separation happens only on a level of consciousness resembling dreaming and that without this dreaming ego could never see the light of day?

You may think to ask how it came to be that we are lost in dreaming and the answer is obvious:  separation can only occur within a simulated reality, within a dream.  But the dream persists until a mind chooses to forgive the dream.  Lack and loss are to ego what Love and Forgiveness are to God.  Profound limitations in our thinking potential becomes a real prison but the presence of Love reminds us of freedom.  Nothing compromised Heaven but we can keep our eyes closed, if we choose.  We choose which world we experience—be it a world made by God in Love, an eternal Heaven for His creations—or—a world reflecting our thoughts as dictated to us by ego.  And what ego would have us see as the world is within our mind no differently than any other dream we have ever had.  We live in our consciousness.  Ideas, such as the idea of separation, leave not their source—or it remains joined to its source, which is its jailer or its liberator, according to which it chooses as its purpose for itself.  Ego’s purpose is to keep you dreaming at any cost.  The real you must choose for itself a purpose that is not at all what ego wants.

The real you is something that has nothing to do with this world or the body.  The real you is something that is immortal, invulnerable, constant and unchanging, inseparable and whole; something that cannot be touched by anything in this world−something that cannot be threatened in any way.  The body represents a limit on awareness.  The body is a projection from a belief-system created by ego and its dualistic view.  Not by God.  God cannot know any limits.  Intelligence demands the recognition that nothing unreal exists; moreover, what does exist cannot be threatened.  This line of reasoning is a purely non-dualistic spiritual thought system.  There is not two real worlds. There is a formless oneness beyond the dream.  Enlightenment (Waking) has nothing to do with individuality.  It is the relinquishment of individuality—psychologically, not physically—that leads to real fulfillment.

The dream of separation is the universe. The in-human experience is merely an addition to what you are. Many consciousness growth centers have been at your disposal since time immemorial.

Spiritual experience is the only experience that has any real value because it brings you closer to yourself (which is God) rather than having you fall deeper into the dream where ego is the ruler of our destiny.  The goal in anyone’s life should not to be happy (a temporary manifestation); rather, to be lucid (which has eternal implications).  A lucid mind can see much when it refuses to believe the input from physical senses which are too limited and which do not encompass such sophisticated patterns to allow for information enabling us to see through the illusion of physical existence.  The good news is that God does indeed exist.  But a debasement in language over thousands of years makes it very difficult to build linguistic paths to the places we would wish to go−to realms and heights born of much greater intellectual vibrational patterns or thought-systems.  The truly wise fashion their speech with their thought, sifting it as grain is sifted through a sieve.

Words for the most part are symbols of symbols, thus, they are twice removed from reality.  There are no nouns in nature.  Words, thought or spoken, are spells causing immediate manifestation of forms based on whatever meaning we give to them at the time.  Our word-vocabulary must increase if human beings are ever able to expand beyond current limitations and understanding of space and time.  Just as the air is a great mystery to a bird and is water to a fish.  To a human being, it is himself.

How can anything but lucidity be your goal?  How can anything in an illusion make you feel full, whole, complete and satisfied?  Even a description of the reality of the world of God will not satisfy you at all.  It is still only words.  Only an experience of reality can offer peace and that is something that comes from within.  Such direct experience has been called gnosis, which means knowledge.  But it does not mean intellectual knowledge or information in the generally accepted sense.  This relates to direct experience, or Knowledge of God.

Know that salvation is undoing.  Specifically, undoing deriving a sense-of-self from ego.  Culture created you that way via domestication when you entered the dreamstate of this world in birth.  But you have only believed that you lost your freedom because you cannot remember ever being free.  Your freedom is death to ego.  Your being asleep gives ego life.

If you could completely undo the false you, the imagined you, then eventually the real you would be all that is left.  The real you is a perfect copy of its source.  Reality dictates that nothing is made that is not made perfect in the likeness of the Source.  Your job, then, is to break down all the walls within your unconscious mind that block your experience of this perfection.  Intelligence is not having to see perfection but Knowing what is true.  Ego would have you lie to yourself because it has made you believe that you are ego.  It has usurped the throne of God within your mind and within the dream appears powerful.  A belief in death being one of its most effective weapons.

One should hope to initiate a process through which the false you that incorrectly believes it has taken an individual and personal identity, a separate existence from God is undone.  Luckily, this process is simple; however, difficult depending on how deeply mired in the dream you are.  It is achieved through a certain kind of forgiveness, but not the kind of forgiveness that most people in the world think of, if they think of forgiveness at all.  The traditional form of forgiveness makes the illusory world real to your mind, thus keeping it and the ego intact in your mind.  But real forgiveness (the kind imbued with Knowledge and awareness) does not make the illusory world real and does not keep it and ego intact.

The ego is the only real threat to you in the world because in every instance it is ego that is behind all unforgivable acts.  It is the ego that seems to cause death and it wants to kill you.  Because if you can be hurt or killed, then you are a body.  And if you are a body, then the entire ego thought system of separation is true.  The body and God cannot both be real.  You are dreaming one or the other.  You, dear reader, have already chosen the body to be true.  What is true and real is beyond human comprehension because it cannot be part of ego’s reality.  Dying is for the sake of the dream to last.  And Life can only be where it belongs.  The ego persists because it is successful in clouding our minds—we substitute fear for Love in nearly every moment of our in-human experience.

Why would such a thing happen?  Answer that question yourself.  Who rules in the kingdom of your unconscious mind?  Who is god and king upon the throne in its mental castle?  And what is the prize ego has claimed in its victory?  The capture and enslavement of the Son of God.  The kingdom of ego is only a dream.  A dream happening in your mind—no where else is it happening.  And God does not choose for His children.  Nor are you truly apart from Him or from Heaven.  You sleep.  And the Father waits for his Son to rise from his temporary slumber.  Agreed, it makes no sense that we would choose such a fate as this but we do and we do again and again in every single moment.  The cognitive activity of thought has been engineered by culture to empower ego, to ensure obedience and cooperation.

For those who would die, there is Life. For those who would dream, there is Reality. For those who would hope, there is Knowledge. For those who would grow, there is Eternity.

Enlightenment is awakening.  This does not mean simply to become more alert in the dream but to see this reality for what it is—a dream.  You may have the experience of falling asleep and having dreams but you have not had the experience of waking up.  The dream began when you were born and entered into this universe where the idea of separation reigns supreme.  Begin, if you will, to know that the dream is coming from you and you are not an effect but the cause.  A deepening awareness decrees that you cannot attain enlightenment without a total shift from being at the effect of a dream to being the dreamer.

When you have dreams do you not see them with your mind?  Do you not think they are real?  Is the bed gone or simply out of your awareness?  And when we woke up this morning from the dreams we were having last night, all we awakened to was a different form of dreaming.  Perhaps there is a greater reality that is just beyond the dream that is simply out of our awareness?  How could the dream be sustained if any one of us became aware we were dreaming?  What could happen then?  In the least we will lose most if not all of our anxiety and confusion.  Maybe the best way to find joy in a joyless place is to realize you are not there.  The “place” where suffering occurs can only be in your mind—a result of a thought pattern based heavily on resistance.  What else do you resist other than the truth?  Don’t accept what ego wants you to believe about what is true.  Look beyond.  On the other side of resistance there can only be peace.

Peace is in stillness.  Being there, present, within the Love that is eternally changeless.  This cloud of feeling is Knowledge of God.  The end of multiplicity.  Where a miracle happens.  Where beauty happens.  Where inspiration and insight happens.  Where the sound of your true Voice can be heard; the Voice of Healing & Forgiveness; of Love and not pain.  Be not troubled.  Let all the waters of your mind be still.  Being still like that is being ultra-present.  Look out with new eyes and see what is:  around you everywhere is the Kingdom of Heaven despite the simulated alter-reality a troubled mind forcibly projects which becomes the dream of the world.  Disengage thought that would act to block awareness of Love’s presence, in your mind.  Know, then also, your purpose as a co-creator of worlds upon worlds.  A spiraling staircase that leads to unification with God.

Forgiveness is the central theme that runs throughout reaching our salvation.  This journey shared by all runs directed and its outcome sure.  Thus, in time, is all the thinking of the world reversed entirely.

I said to Him, “Lord, what allows one to see a vision? Do we see it with the soul or with the spirit?” He answered and said to me, “One sees not through the soul or the spirit, but through the mind, which is between these two.” -MM

Choosing forgiveness begins a process towards salvation.  You are learning to no longer think as ego and are instead listening to a different voice inside your mind.  This is the awakening of Spirit and of your True Self.  Begin by retraining your mind to forgive instead of to judge and properly use denial to decline the invitation of anything not of God to affect you.  If the world is real, forgiveness is never justified.  But if it is your projection, forgiveness is totally justified.  The more you get used to looking at the world as not coming at you, but coming from you, the more impossible it becomes to react to it the way you used to, and the more you realize that you are dreaming.  All of this happens at the level of the mind, not at the level of the physical.  With practice, you will be given the right-minded ideas that are the best for you to be applied to the situation you find yourself involved in.  But eventually it will not be required for you to think at all because that is the state of being at peace.

Wherever He looks He sees Himself.  Spiritual Vision sees the love and innocence of Spirit everywhere.  So choose once again what you would have things be, remembering that every choice you make establishes your own identity as you will see it and believe it is.

In eternity, all is Vision.  It is the Imagination that is the Divine Body of man.   It had been taught that when the process of undoing ego is complete because all of your forgiveness lessons are complete, and with no guilt left in the mind, the time comes when you lay the body aside for the final time and you are awake at home in God for the timeless reality of eternity.  The people of the world will never live in peace until all of them have inner peace.  It must be understood that what we see out there on the screen we call life is an outward mental picture of an inward condition.  The world is, in fact, illusory because it must be a symbolic representation of what exists in the one, large, hidden mind called the “collective unconscious.”

Sooner or later, all the vestiges of hell, the secret sins and hidden hates will be gone and all the loveliness which they concealed shall appear like lawns of Heaven to our sight, to lift us high above the thorny roads we traveled on before.


“Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder.” — Littlefinger —from the HBO drama series, Game of Thrones




The only Light that matters is hidden in absolute darkness.

Conceptions drop away in movement from the particular to the universal.

Enshrouded in human intellect is the superessential Darkness which is hidden by the light that is in existing things.

Light is thought and speech and words all moving in conjunction with a human will to exist as one single part.

Darkness is absolute silence. 

Inside the darkness there can only be the naked intent to reach out toward the unknowing.

Be still; be patient; wait.  Hold fast to an attitude of suspense for what may appear.

What awaits is the thinning of the cloud, the mist, and first in glimpses, then in its full beauty, the vision of a higher plane will dawn on your entranced sight.  In that darkness a Light shall be seen.  This is the glory of the manifested Self.

Abide in this darkness as long as you can.  Keep the mind in the position gained, the highest point reached, vigorous and alert.  Now let go of whatever becomes a central thought or figure in order to maintain this strenuous quiet.

It is here that you must feel free to let everything go.  Any insight you ever gain of God will be in this cloud and in this darkness.  What you are, and what God is,   is   beyond   words and all conceptions. 

The cloud of unknowing is the realm of true knowledge.

Rupert Spira ~ “The Essential Nature of Ourself” (truly extraordinary)

“As  in  the  glorious  fugues  of  the  immortal  Mozart,  each  part ceaselessly chases the other in harmonious discord on the paths of Eternal progress—to meet and finally blend at the threshold of the pursued goal into one harmonious whole.  Discord is the harmony of the Universe.”
— Mahatma K. H.

A poem by Jelaluddin Rumi of Persia, circa 1244.

Fire is whispering a secret in smoke’s
ear, “This aloe wood loves me because

I help it live out its purpose.  With
me it becomes fragrance, and then

disappears altogether!” The knots
untie and open into absence, as you do

with me, my friend.  Eaten by flame,
and smoked out into the sky!  This is

most fortunate.  What’s unlucky is not
to change and disappear.  The black soil

must crumble to give itself to plants.
Think how sperm and egg become a smiling

face and head.  Bread must dissolve to
turn into thought.  Gold and silver in

their raw forms aren’t worth much.  This
way leads through humiliation and contempt.

We’ve tried the fullness of presence.  Now
it’s time for desolation.  Love is pulling

us out by the ears to school.  Love wants
us to clean of resentment and those impulses

that misguide our souls.  We’re asleep,
but Fate keeps sprinkling water on our

faces.  Love will tell us the rest of
what we need to know soon.  Then we’ll

be deeply asleep and profoundly awake
simultaneously like cave companions.