Free Guy. A movie with a real message.


About finished watching a movie called, “Free Guy” (2021). I’ve paused at 1:18, the scene where Guy is at the water front speaking to the rest of the NPCs (non-player characters). Most of the movie up to this point could be viewed as a sales pitch for how amazing artificial intelligence will become where we don’t have to deal with real people anymore because A.I. will seem *more real than real* and will do and say whatever we want all the time. We won’t want to have real relationships with real people because that will be viewed as only bringing insecurity, pain and aggravating pressure. Real people are dangerous and carry diseases.

The simulated people will be so advanced as to have all of our vitals, our biological data and be able to read our emotions (having direct access to the block chain where all of this data on us is stored). Right down to our heart rate and blood pressure. They will know precisely how to “push our buttons.”

People that I know and associate with (family, people at work, for example) only want that from me and others. They want me to be an NPC. Because they don’t want to experience real feelings. They will not be challenged or have anyone take a real look at their behavior and the condition of their mind or what effect their words and actions have on other people. My point to that is that there are important matters that are concomitant to being a human being. Over thousands of years this information has been systematically suppressed. Purged. Deleted.

Real people know I speak of Jesus Christ. There is no point saying more. Those who can know, know. Those who do not have the love in their hearts are looking for alternative idols and things to worship. Things that are fake. The real danger is that they, themselves, become a reflection of what they seek; they, themselves, become fake. Unreal. NPCs within this World of God.

This scene has the protagonist giving a speech to the group as if he is Jesus Christ. This character (named “Blue Shirt Guy” or simply “Guy”) has become the first conscious entity born from miraculous code on which this application is based, this virtual world that has been made.  The miracle, though, is that the author or programmer encoded his love for a girl (Millie) into Guy.  This sees love as being the catalyst to self-awareness and to life itself.  The fire or spark to conscious awareness of self.  He, out of mutual love for the group, brings the message of salvation.  Sharing motivation with Christ. 

The fruit of this, is that his message is the real message. Could anyone watching this film stop and consider the power of this message?  A red pill with the power to change the world. 

It’s crazy how even today a movie can be made where either deliberately or totally inadvertently the message of Jesus Christ shines through. The audience, the people who hear this can take it to heart and change their entire experience.

“We can’t all be you, Guy.” Says the one NPC. To which Guy responds, “That’s not true. What’s inside of me is inside of you, too. It’s inside of each and every one of you. You’re growing!”

At 1:19 the scene is like a metaphor. When you take back power by simply not being afraid anymore the evil finds itself back in hell; that is, abandoned, alone, without anything to prey upon. The Children of God, once awakened, are born into a new World of Light that is Heaven for the pious and righteous.

Freakishly, the villain of this movie who controls the company that controls the game or virtual space immediately wants to destroy it all, kill everyone the moment he learns that there is a mass awakening. He will stop at nothing to prevent this light from shining through. Because only in darkness does he thrive where his power comes from mass fear and chaos. He is the anti-Christ.

This movie might actually be predicting the discovery of a secret that when found will cause everyone in the world to see the deception. Metaphorically, a lost land.  Heaven as a place where the Light of Truth is known and lived.  This movie is basically saying to us that the time is soon at hand where Good and evil are about to do battle and yet the battleground is inside the heart of every individual person on Earth. We decide. By choosing a side.

All of this “evil” has just been to create the proper “climate” in which people would be forced down a path, funneled into a single moment where the choice would have to be made.

Like the villain in this movie, evil might destroy the seen but only the unseen (what is outside of the system itself) is the source of reality.  Reality is then known to be God’s Mind.  Perfect.  Beautiful.  Truth. Do not be afraid. ‘Apocalypse‘ is the Great Unveiling.

1:34 NPC: “I’ve been afraid my whole damn life. I’m not afraid, anymore. I’m not sorry. This is the best day of my life.”

By 1:41 the movie may be sending a different signal. People watching may be thinking again how giving up real life for a virtual one means finding perfection. We can pretend we have no flaws. All flaws will become hidden in darkness.  Do not fall for the trap:  real flaws are never seen.  That is the lie that keeps us all in bondage.  Flaws are unseen.  They are blocks to the simple realization that Love is our natural inheritance.  Open your eyes.  And see.  Shine with the truth.  The time to shine is never tomorrow.  It is right now.

Fake has become the preferred way. Many search for immortality in technology. Many want to become something that is seen by others to appear perfect and beautiful and then to remain that way indefinitely. But you then take on a new persona. Is this really just a “better version” of you that’s superior in all ways? Is this true? Or a deception?

Simulated realities lead to simulated emotions and then to simulated feelings. The line between what has substance and what is completely without any meaning becomes blurred. The kind of brainwashing that develops will leave people who will not remember anything about the real. They will fear anything that reminds them of it. No one will care. We’re so close to that already where no one cares about how anyone truly feels. We don’t want to feel anything, ourselves. We just want escape from what reminds us of our real feelings. We are poised by all of the CULTural conditioning to slip into a deep slumber.  Into a prison for the mind where God is wholly forgotten.  Into hell.  Into total darkness.  Unconsciousness.  A death of ourselves.  The end of real relationships with ourselves.  Enter evil, anything demonic and artificial. 

The final moment of the movie has two characters walking into a “better version” of their virtual reality where the idea is that everyone can just do whatever it is they want without any sense of censorship or surveillance. No restrictions. Everyone is kind and happy and loving. All the bad has been removed. But this is where there is no more escape. You become trapped. A slave to the system. Once there, any act of expressing dissent, especially spoken, will be met with swift ejection from the system which will be required for sustaining existence. All means of sustaining life will require digital access to the block chain.

Guy speaks to Millie towards the very end of the film. Millie’s a real girl. He says he understands she can’t spend all her time with him. He thanks her for everything. Says he’s no longer in a loop and neither is she. He says he loves her because he can return freedom to her. Love must have freedom to be itself. He says,

“I love you Millie. Maybe that is my programming talking. But guess what? Someone wrote that program. I’m just a love letter to you. Somewhere out there is the author.”

After that scene something else happens. But in the real world. A discovery. A realization. And that very final scene of the movie, the last 20 seconds, or so, probably caused a lot of people to tear up. But again, another deception.

And that is where we have been lead to. Everyone believes they want that. But it is all based on another system of beliefs that will not pass the test of time. Everything believed in and seen waxes and wanes. We can’t hold on to anything. It will all disappear and slip through our fingers.

For it to be pure there has to be something present within the minds and hearts of those who want it. If it is present all you wish for is the other person’s freedom. Because that’s real Love. How can you be free if you keep hostage another bound to your selfish and (spiritually) immature expectations?  It doesn’t work. 

Love to be itself is perfect and is therefore like a mirror. It grasps nothing, it refuses nothing. It receives but does not keep. So in order to have pure Love in your heart and in your mind you will have nothing.

For two individuals who are in love neither truly exist. The real of it is unseen.  Pure Love, in essence, is all that can be real.  It’s that place that is His Kingdom.  That’s God.  Those who have it, know. 

People need to recognize Who Love is…. it’s in us. It is what can save us. It is Him. Jesus Christ, our Lord. Forever. In our hearts. Everything is as it should be. Our hearts bring His image before us so we can know ourselves. The image seen in the mirror is the Image of Christ. Be ye saved. It is so.





From “The Light of Asia”
by Sir Edwin Arnold (1832-1904)


THE BOOKS say well, my Brothers! each man’s life
The outcome of his former living is;
The bygone wrongs bring forth sorrows and woes,
The bygone right breeds bliss.

That which ye sow ye reap. See yonder fields!
The sesamum was sesamum, the corn
Was corn. The Silence and the Darkness knew!
So is man’s fate born.

He cometh, reaper of the things he sow’d,
Sesamum, corn, so much cast in past birth;
And so much weed and poison-stuff, which mar
Him and the aching earth.

If he shall labor rightly, rooting these,
And planting wholesome seedlings where they grew,
Fruitful and fair and clean the ground shall be,
And rich the harvest due.

If he who liveth, learning whence woe springs,
Endureth patiently, striving to pay
His utmost debt for ancient evils done
In Love and Truth alway;

If making none to lack, he thoroughly purge
The lie and lust of self forth from his blood;
Suffering all meekly, rendering for offence
Nothing but grace and good;

If he shall day by day dwell merciful,
Holy and just and kind and true; and rend
Desire from where it clings with bleeding roots,
Till love of life have end:

He—dying—leaveth as the sum of him
A life-count clos’d, whose ills are dead and quit,
Whose good is quick and mighty, far and near,
So that fruits follow it.

No need hath such to live as ye name life;
That which began in him when he began
Is finish’d: he hath wrought the purpose through
Of what did make him Man.

Never shall yearnings torture him, nor sins
Stain him, nor ache of earthly joys and woes
Invade his safe eternal peace; nor deaths
And lives recur. He goes

Unto NIRVÂNA. He is one with Life
Yet lives not. He is blest, ceasing to be.
OM, MANI PADME, OM! the Dewdrop slips
Into the shining sea!

From Now On We Regard No One From the Human Point of View.

Receive with meekness the implanted Word. The Word is called Christ Jesus. The Power and the Wisdom of God. But be doers of the Word and not merely hearers deceiving yourselves. This does not mean to substitute works for faith or to accomplish anything through physical effort. Works are the evidence as to whether the faith that you profess is alive or dead. What do you do? You sell all in this world — all beliefs in powers other than your own wonderful human imagination. Set yourself free by exercising your imagination. Believe in the reality of your imaginal acts.

Do you not believe in His Word? And abide in His Word? Then you know the truth and the truth will set you free. How do you define the truth? I Am the Truth. If you know His Word you know the Truth. Ask, “If I simply imagine that I am the person I would love to be that’s all that I need do?” Imagine that you are already the person that you would like to be. Christ in you must resurrect. Believe in the Lord Christ Jesus and be saved. It makes no difference when you begin to believe. Makes no difference whatsoever. Believe only in Christ Jesus and take off from there giving your entire life to Him just as though there were no others. Find Him to be your own wonderful human imagination.

When you believe in Him to that extent things begin to happen. It makes no difference what the world thinks about this if it can be proven in performance. Take a friend who is now unemployed. And bring him before your mind’s eye and see him now gainfully employed. He is not physically present but treat him as though he were. Place your mental hands upon him and offer to him all the civility as if it were true. Then carry on a mental conversation from the premise that it is true and let him tell you that he is gainfully employed and that he loves what he is doing and that there is limitless opportunity and growth. Do nothing outside of that.

Christ is the Power and the Wisdom of God. It’s not only blind power but it’s the wisdom of God. If it’s the Wisdom of God it knows how to navigate the whole vast world and move it to bring this one into a gainfully employed state. All you need do is believe in Christ Jesus and that is the Pearl of Great Price.

It’s all about the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is simply that state in which man rises where everything is completely subject to his imaginative power. He is destined to be an Heir. One with his Father who is God. The Kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls and finding that one pearl more perfect than all others sells every possession he has and bought it. You must be brought to finding that pearl. Very few are willing to sell all and buy the pearl.

No power in the world can stop it. All it needs is acceptance on the part of us.

When a man, fully armed, guards his own palace his goods are in peace. But when one stronger than he assails him and overcomes him he takes from him the armor in which he believed and trusted and divides his spoil.

He who is not with me is against me. There is no benevolent neutrality. None whatsoever. He who is not with me is my enemy. He is against me. So we find the one who is completely in control of this Kingdom of Heaven and that being in Scripture is called Jesus Christ. But Christ is defined as the Power and the Wisdom of God. Don’t look for a man; a man is only the instrument through which this power and this wisdom is exercised. But Christ Himself is the Power and the Wisdom of God.

You either believe in it or you don’t believe in it. And Christ is your own wonderful human imagination. And when you go before anyone don’t even take thought as to what you’re going to say. Imagine the end. Accept that you both are free. Let there be no judgements whatsoever. Base it all upon the end that you have lovingly imagined for him. Do that. Live this way in the world. Trusting 100% in the Pearl of Great Price. It will not fail you but you cannot modify it. You can’t hold back one little reserved thing. You have to give up every belief in this world and in power outside of Christ to buy the pearl. To always be justifying your failures is like living in a world that has become hell. He who is not with me is against me.

But is it a thing worth having? By having Christ Jesus you are rising into a world of an entirely new order. Where everything is subject to your imaginative power. You’re not here at all. You are moving from the world of death and into The World of Life when you find it and make it one with you. Crucifixion is over for all of us. It is not we who live but Christ who lives in us. The life we now live in the flesh we live by the faith of the Son of God who loves us and gave Himself for us. If we have been united with Christ in a death like His (that’s past) we shall certainly be united with Him in a resurrection like His (that’s to be). When man awakes from his sleep in a grave (in the skull, his tomb) to find that he was all along dead. Then, in this very act of individual resurrection, the tomb is converted into a womb and here comes the birth.

This is man’s fulfillment of Scripture: Crucifixion, Resurrection and Birth from Above — an entirely new sphere of Spiritual attainment. Then is conferred the divine title, Adonai, when the curtain of the temple is torn from top to bottom and The New shall rise in this form called Elohim in Scripture, a celestial being like a fiery serpent is what you are, see and feel when you rise. Human, yes, but for all the identity of personality a radical discontinuity of form.

The whole world quakes. It’s all within you. The whole drama takes place in the individual. You do not rise from the body, you rise in the body. You awaken in the body. Buy the pearl by giving up your belief in powers outside of Christ Jesus. And Christ Jesus is your own wonderful human imagination.

Regard no one from the human point of view — even though you once regarded Christ from the human point of view regard Him so no longer. We must regard Him thus no longer. Christ is the Power and the Wisdom of God. By Him all things were made and without Him was not anything made that was made. But nothing.

Examine yourselves to see whether or not you are holding to the faith. Test yourselves. Do you not realize that Jesus Christ is within thee? Unless, of course, you fail to meet the test. Power and Wisdom personified in the form of one called Jesus Christ. You can misuse power. It’s called the Pearl of Great Price in Scripture. So great is this pearl, so valuable, it takes everything you own to buy it. You do not go and liquidate your stocks and bonds or sell your homes. You do not sell anything that exists in this world. But it takes everything that you now believe in, other than it, to pay for it.

You believe in astrology? You have to sell it. In numerology, teacup leaves — no matter what you believe in as a power to control you, you have to sell it. No one will buy them from you but you have to give them up as valueless. You can’t hold on to one thing that you now believe in as a power that controls your life and still hope to buy the Pearl of Great Price. Everything you now believe in, even if it be the drugs that you take, must be regarded as having no value to you whatsoever. There is no way to God but Christ. I Am the Way. There is no other way.

Way to what? To everything in this world but especially to The Father. No one comes onto The Father but by me. He is the only way in the world, to everything in this world, that you and I seek. And it takes everything that we own to pay for that Pearl of Great Price. If you think for one moment that you can hang onto one little thing in the event that this doesn’t work you can’t buy the pearl.

And so when I buy the pearl I go all out and live by it. And there is no other being in the world. Just this pearl. And I live by it. And this pearl is your own wonderful human imagination — that’s Christ.

Christ in you is the hope for glory. Test yourself and see. Christ Jesus being your own wonderful human imagination. And to see man in me and not act, in your imagination, is to keep the wounds open. If you imagine that someone stands before you in bodily form, although it cannot be seen with your mortal eye, but actually you imagine that they’re standing before you and you carry on a conversation with them from the premise of your fulfilled desire for them and you believe in the reality of the imaginal act, it’s done.

If you could not be changed from what you are you could not be saved and if you could not consume in your own mind’s eye the unlovely things you see in another you could not help them. But in your ability to forget all that you thought you saw and put in its place all the lovely things that you truly desire to see you become a savior.

Just as we have born the image of the man of dust, so shall we bear the image of the Man of Heaven when we want love so much that it becomes the only thing we can see. That is the real power in this world.

The Whole Story is About You.

The whole manifested world goes to show us what use we have made of God’s gift. Receiving a gift does not mean that we are going to use it wisely. Everyone has the gift. And the world simply reflects the use of that gift.

If a man uses these two gifts rightly, he will differ in nothing from the Immortals. And when he quits his body, Mind and Speech will be his guides, and by them will he be brought into the troop of the gods and the souls that have attained to bliss.

Far too often our outer words do not conform whatsoever with what we are really thinking on the inside. And God sees not the outer man, He sees the Inner Man.

You may think that someone really understands you and you will go along for a while believing that they really understand you and then one simple little thing happens and you will realize that they never really heard you. Not for one moment had they really heard you. Some little disruption and then the whole thing is over. And then they turn against you as though you were the devil.

If one could only control these inner conversations morning, noon and night and continue them straight into the dreamworld, one would be the creator of their whole experience. Stop for one moment and ask yourself, “What am I thinking, now?” You are carrying on a little, tiny inner speech every moment of time. If to do were as easy as to know what were good to do we would all be everything we want to be in this world. If you use these two gifts — Mind and Speech — wisely, the whole world is yours. Were we not told that the world was created by the Word of God?

If we can only persuade ourselves of the reality of the state imagined, but to know what to do is not the same as doing it. So, if to do were as easy as to know what were good to do, chapels had been churches and poor men’s cottages princes’ palaces. And how many teachers in the world follow their own instructions?

As you form these little speech movements within yourself make them perform to your wish fulfilled. If you believe yourself to lack anything at all construct a sentence that if were true would imply that you are no longer lacking or poor, “I have a lavish, steady, dependable income consistent with integrity and mutual benefit.” This is a simple technique using your gifts — Mind and Speech. Instead of accepting what is already done with that gift, simply ignore it. You brought it into being (and all of it is solidified speech) the whole vast manifested world. So turn from it and then reconstruct the sentence, change it, reconstruct the scene in your imagination. Persist in it and to the degree that you persuade yourself of its reality it will likewise manifest into being.

It is in your heart that you can do it, now. But what would you do, now? What sentence would imply that you are now what you would like to be? It’s not knowing what to do, it is the doing.

To spend is to put out without hope of return. To invest is to expect a return on your equity. There must be a return on equity when you invest. Thought is speech — it must be invested and not wasted. Everything must be invested and not wasted. If in every moment of time you know what to do, then do it. If you find yourself carrying on any negative conversation break it — even if it gives you pleasure. Your world is built on these inner conversations.

So today, if you are not satisfied with the world in which you live blame no one. Blame no one but turn within to these two gifts and use them wisely. We must identify man’s habit of inner speech with his nature. And so, man as he is has only his inner speech to blame.

Ask, “What am I actually doing on the inside of myself?” And you are doing it morning, noon and night. You can’t stop it. You take it into dream and you are still talking. You are holding an inner conversation at all moments of time. What are we saying to ourselves at all moments of time? Be careful. The whole vast world is your inner conversation pushed out. And you can only change it by changing the conversation. Because the conversation is equated with your nature.

If you walk the street or you ride the bus or you sit alone you are still talking; every moment of time you are talking. And all you need to do to find out what you’ve been saying is look at your world. Your world reflects this inner speech. The phone rings and you’ve told them over, and over and over and your reaction may not have been quite the right one but you reacted anyway; no one heard it but you heard it and you are going to build your world based exactly on what you’ve done.

So, watch carefully what you are saying morning, noon and night because you are playing through all the parts. The end of everyone’s world is Christ. Everyone is moving towards the fulfillment of being God himself. Everyone. And therefore, the story of Christ as told in the gospels you’re going to play and have happen to you. This will happen in your life. When He awakes within you, you will see He did not come to bring peace to Earth but a sword. To set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. This will happen. And then comes the conflict in the world. And it is He who will be accused of being a devil. It will be said, “Why do you listen to him? He is mad.”

But when you who have awakened from the dream of life hear these things you rejoice. Because you know your end is near. It has to take place. To separate the sheep from the goats. Let them go back into their world and genuflect and cross themselves for luck. And those who can actually follow, they’ll follow. For my own must come under me. God Himself came and comes into human history in the person of Jesus Christ in you, in me, in everyone. But when he comes in you, He awakens as you.

All that is told in the story concerning Jesus Christ you will have happen to you. You will offer them loaves and fishes and they’ll love you for it but then you turn to emphasize the end. The Promise. And The Promise is you will be as God. You have no need for things because The World is yours and all that is in it. You do not need anything because The Whole is yours but they can’t see that. They want more loaves and fishes. And then something will happen because you didn’t come to bring peace to Earth. You came to bring a sword. To separate the old from the new.

And the conflict is on. And then, suddenly, eruptions will take place within families. And then they’ll turn completely against you, but you, knowing that you are the central figure of the gospels, you rejoice. You have nothing but pity for those who could not follow beyond a certain point. That’s all that you have; no criticism, no condemnation. Only pity. That they could not go a little bit further. But it’s all part of the play.

So, watch carefully what you are saying morning, noon and night. When you go to bed at night just watch your inner conversations and see that the sun is not descending upon anger. If it is, resolve it, at that very moment and then make it conform to your wish fulfilled. And make that wish fulfilled a thing of Love.

Ask, “Just what would it be like if it were true?” And then carry on a conversation from the premise of the wish fulfilled all clothed in love for anyone you can think of.

The Whole Story is About You.

And watch how things happen in your world. Your thought, if that is your last thought, will dominate your dream of the night. It will completely dominate it. And your Father is constantly speaking to you through the medium of dream. And through the medium of Vision. And you’ll see the whole thing unfolding within you. And you will know that you are the Lord Jesus Christ. You don’t scream it from the housetop. You know it. And you walk in the comfort of being the awakened one who is God.

Let everyone say exactly what they want about you. And pay no attention to it; because they have to do it. When you come down to the end they have to do it. The separation must take place. And you don’t justify it. Self-justification is the voice of hell. You don’t justify anything. And you don’t try to always be right. Another almost incurable disease of man is the necessity of always being right. So you don’t make any effort to prove that you are right. You know what you have experienced and you can’t deny the experience so you go your way telling it just as it comes to you.

And it comes to you in the most glorious manner. It’s always Scripture. So when you come to the end you are not disappointed. You are not surprised. That those you sent off alive and free would now take up arms against you. And call you insane and call you a devil that would disrupt their family life. You know exactly what you’ve done. You’ve only told the truth. And when the truth comes it’s not to bring peace but a sword.

You must separate yourself from that traditional background that enslaved you in the past. Because real progress in this world — spiritual and profoundly religious progress — is a gradual Transformation. From a god of tradition to a God of Experience. You experience God and the whole thing reflects it. His Son calls you Father and there is no uncertainty as to who He is. And who you are. And your whole memory returns. And here you stand before your Everlasting Son. And He knows it and you know it. No person in the world could persuade you from knowing this. You can’t deny the experience.

Use the gift wisely. Start right now to use it. For if you do you will know the Salvation of God. Put off the former conversation and be renewed in the Spirit of your Mind. Choose a new conversation. Let the weak proclaim, “I am strong.” For there is no other God. I am the Lord and beside me there is no god. You can choose Life or you can choose death. You can choose the good or choose the evil. A blessing or a curse. It’s entirely up to man to choose anything. So look at this manifested world and see what we have chosen.

So this whole manifested world goes to show us what use or misuse we have made of God’s Gift. And God’s Gift is your Mind and your Speech.

And it’s not your outer speech for we know how deceptive that is. You see it morning, noon and night. This is all on the outside. God sees only the inside. Man sees the outer appearance and God sees the Inner Man. So when you watch your inner conversation, you’re actually watching your nature and if you don’t like it change it. This is to put off the old man and then put on the New Man. And He will show you the Salvation of God.

And then the whole thing will unfold within you. Negativity has a tendency to balloon and manifest itself in the world so watch it and let it become a pleasant thing to carry on lovely conversations. Practice it. As to The Promise it will not fail you. You can practice this right now. Do not wait until tomorrow. You will be shown the Salvation of God which simply is you awakened as God. That’s how He shows it to you. He came and He comes into human history. In the person of Jesus Christ.

And there’s only one Jesus Christ so when it happens you are Jesus Christ. You don’t change your name. When it happens you know who you are. They must accuse you of being insane. These things must happen. They must accuse you of being deceitful. And leading people astray. It’s all part of Scripture. But you are not amazed. You only have pity and mercy for those who could not go further.

They fall by the wayside. These are the four on which the seed falls: the highway, amongst the thorns, amongst the rocks and then on good soil. And you can’t help it. You can only scatter the seed. Let it fall where it will. And it will fall on these four kinds of soil. Always it falls on four. When it falls on the good it will simply rise in them and they will have the identical experience that you’ve had; when it falls on the highway quickly other ideas devour it; when it falls amongst the thorns the cares of the world encroach upon it and choke it; it falls on the rock and the rock is not prepared to let the root go too deep and so the sun squashes it. But when the soil has been prepared it goes deep and it bears a hundredfold.

The whole story is about you. And one day you will actually know — you are the Lord Jesus Christ — reborn from Above. And you cannot avoid the story. It will happen to you, too. Don’t think for one moment you are going to awaken to knowing you are the Lord Jesus Christ and not have those to who you poured out your soul who took the loaves and the fishes turn upon you and accuse you of being mad. And therefore an evil one. And not anything should be done with you. They will turn from you completely. You’ll find it. But then being conscious of the fact that you’ve experienced the entire story you have only to go back to the written Word of God to know it had to happen. It just had to happen. And when the signs come the end is not far.

You have been sent. A lamb amongst wolves. Do not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time all things that are not good will fall away from you. It must happen to you. Truth, like a miracle, is a correction introduced into false thinking and knowledge of the Divine Order is impossible until this has occurred. This is the undoing of the past in the present, and thus are we released from the temporal order; affirmation of rebirth.

Grief attacks and coping with loss.

Grief attacks are not a sign of weakness but of increasing strength. They are a sign that our system has decided that we can deal with a little more of the pain; that we are cutting one more strand of the cord. Grief attacks indicate that you are in fact dealing with reality. We need to anticipate such times and we need to develop the ability to be gentle and forgiving of ourselves when they do happen.

Have family or a friend on standby. Reach out and call on them. There are but two choices, here: either you learn to mitigate and control the grief, or, you allow it to control you. The grief response and intensity of our feelings can make us wonder if we’re going crazy. And that’s normal. We are rarely prepared for the type and severity of the grief reactions we can experience. They are so intense, so uncontrollable, so unexpected that the mourner may question if they’ve lost touch with reality.

There is a sense of craziness about grief because if it is unpredictable, intense and with uncharacteristic manifestations this isn’t at all what we’re usually like. But it is part of the grieving process. We cannot choose to not experience the grief but we can make a decision to take charge of our attitudes towards what happened.

What we’ve lost when we think we’ve lost “it” is some of the boundaries, the familiar perspectives or characteristics that help give us a sense of direction in our lives. Each grief attack is trying to help us realize that life is now different. Each one tries to help us come to terms with new perspectives and new directions that must be adopted in order for real healing to begin. It is an opportunity for us to confront a familiar event, date, place, situation, a piece of music or a favorite television show or movie and go through it for the first time completely by ourselves. That takes confidence and courage.

Every special memory that we work through is an opportunity that helps us learn a little bit more of what we have lost and how we can go on. We need to start anticipating the difficult days. We need to recognize that, yes, Christmas will be difficult and Birthdays will be difficult, etc.. We need, however, to be very gentle and forgiving of ourselves on such occasions; anticipate them and figure out how we are going to work them out for good.

What do you do when there’s nothing you can do? Often what we do is feel guilty because people would rather feel guilty than feel helpless. What if I had done things differently? You may often ask yourself again and again.

The reality is that very little would be different. The guilt, however, is better than excepting our feelings of helplessness in facing the bitter truth that nothing can be done, now. It’s so difficult for us to think of fate as being arbitrary. The issue isn’t so much the guilt but our sense of helplessness and powerlessness. We are blaming ourselves for something that was out of our control. Forgiveness is the key to effectively dealing with guilt, blame and anger.

As much as you might do anything to fix it nothing will be sufficient. Guilt says to you that you should have done more but when it comes to someone you love how much is enough? It can never feel that you’ve done enough for someone you love. There will always be one more thing.

And this is where guilt swindles us: when you’ve done everything for someone you love you always wish you could do one more thing. Why is it we always seem to focus on the one thing we didn’t do? And forget the thousand things we did do? We need to concentrate on remembering the things we were able to do and let the rest go.

Serenity is a combination of acceptance and empowerment. It simply isn’t acquiescence. It encourages us to accept the things that cannot be changed. No threat or harm can come to what is real. Just as nothing unreal exists.